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Surah Al Baqarah (Surah # 2) - Index

Ayat 19

Darkness in Rain Clouds

Clouds containing Thunder and Lightning

Allah encompasses the unbelievers

Ayat 22

Earth as a couch (a living place)

Climatic and Atmospheric Conditions of Planets of the Solar System

The Heaven a Canopy

Van Allen Radiation Belt

Ozone Layer

Ayat 26


Ayat 29

Sequence of Creation of Heavens and the Earth

What is meant by seven heavens

The word 'Seven' as a Phrase

The seven atmospheric Layers

The Magnetic Layers

Ayat 60

Nature of Miracles:-

Answer to atheists:-

Ayat 65

Darwinism is Incompatible with the Quran

Ayat 74

Rocks from which rivers gush forth

Rocks which split asunder send forth water

Rocks which sink by geological pressure

Ayat 115

The context of the Ayat

ALLAH is unimaginable

ALLAH in the east and the west

Is ALLAH kinetic Energy?

The obvious existence of GOD

Ayat 117

Creation from Nothing

Ayat 144

Kaaba the racial centre

Location of Kaaba in Light of Plate movement through the geological ages

Ayat 148

Does ALLAH have control over me?

A glimpse of 'all things'

Unimaginable 'Control'

Ayat 153

Take help from patience

Take help from prayer

Psychology and Prayer

Medical benefits of Prostration

Research at a Malaysian University

Ayat 154

The life of Martyrs

Ayat 164

1-Creation of the heavens and the earth

2-Alternation of Days and Nights

3-Ships in the seas

4-Water coming down from sky as rain

5-Life of earth after its death

6-Dispersing all kinds of animals on earth

7-Change of Clouds and Winds


Ayat 173

1-Dead Meat:

2-Blood ingestion

3-Pork Meat:

4-Those Animals over which any other name than that of Allah has been invoked

Ayat 183

Fasting: A divinely prescribed healing workshop

1-Benefits in the hereafter

2-Spiritual Benefits

3-Medical Ethics

Ayat 186

Free Association Therapy

Ayat 213

All people were one nation: Does this support Darwinism?

Ayat 219

Alcohol and Quran:

History of Alcohol in Islam:

Harms of Alcohol:

1-Alcohol the mother of sins:

2-Psychological Harms

3-Social Harms

Ayat 222

Prohibiting Coitus during Menstruation

Ayat 233

1-The advantages of breastfeeding for the baby:

2- The advantages of breastfeeding for the mother:

Ideal Period for Suckling

Ayat 259

Skeletal System

Ayat 260

Giving Life to Dead

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