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Surah Al Baqarah (2:65) – Does Quran Support Darwinism ?

وَلَقَدْ عَلِمْتُمُ الَّذِينَ اعْتَدَواْ مِنكُمْ فِي السَّبْتِ فَقُلْنَا لَهُمْ كُونُواْ قِرَدَةً خَاسِئِينَ

And certainly you have known those among you who exceeded the limits of the Sabbath, so We said to them: Be (as) apes, despised and hated

M Shakir's Quran Translation

Darwinism is Incompatible with the Quran

Occasionally mistakes occur during DNA replication and protein synthesis. Any alteration in the structure of a gene results in a mutation. Mutations occur during DNA replication when the chemical structure of genes undergoes random modifications.

There are few evolutionist Muslims who misinterpret and force Ayaats of Quran when it comes to mutation. However, to think that a natural mechanism that has nothing but destructive effects could be evidence for evolution is a terrible error. No evolutionary effect of mutation has ever been observed. This Ayat has also been used by few people to prove that Darwinism is compatible with the Holy Quran. The fact is very clear that Darwinism is totally against the Holy Quran. (See the detailed discussion under Surah Ale Imran 3:59)


This Ayat speaks of the miraculous way in which the shapes of disobedient people were changed in the past by Allah. There is no mention of mutation what so ever and Quran never gives a hint that these transferred characteristics are inherited. In fact in various commentaries of the Holy Quran we find various narrations from the Holy Prophet SAW where he told us that those nations whose bodies and faces were changed due to their disobedience, Allah made them extinct and their race didn't continue.


Mention was made before him about monkeys, and Mis'ar (one of the narrators) said: I think that (the narrator) also (made a mention) of the swine, which had suffered metamorphosis. Thereupon he (the Holy Prophet) said: Verily, Allah did not cause the race of those which suffered metamorphosis to grow or they were not survived by young ones. Monkeys and swine had been in existence even before (the metamorphosis of the human beings).

(Muslim :: Book 33 : Hadith 6438)


The same thing is mentioned in Tafsir Ibn e Kathir. Hazrat Ibn e Abbas (RA) said," In a little time they all died and no race emerged from them". (See Tafsir Ibn e Kathir 1/178)


Some evolutionists also use this Ayat to prove that this Ayat proves that Humans did emerge from Monkeys. It is a great error to conclude something absurd from this Ayat which has nothing with what they try to prove. Here are few points for them to consider

  1. This Ayat speaks of humans changing to monkeys and not monkeys to animals, like the evolutionists claim.
  2. There race didn't continue and according to a narration from Tafsir Ibn e Kathir such people do not live for more than three days after suffering metamorphosis. ( See Tafsir Ibn e Kathir 1/178, also see the above narrations)
  3. It is a miracle outside the laws of nature. We are talking about a sudden, supernatural miracle by the will of Allah here, a conscious creation. Evolution proposes that different species turned into each other over millions of years, by chance and in stages. For this reason, this account has nothing to do with the scenario put forward by those who support evolution.
  4. This punishment happened only once and to a limited number of people, whereas the theory of evolution puts forward the illogical and unscientific scenario that apes are related to all people.
  5. Qur'an, 5:60 relates that a deviant community incurred Allah's wrath and was turned into apes and pigs. It reads: Say: "Shall I tell you of something with Allah far worse than that: that of those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He is angry – turning some of them into monkeys and into pigs – and who worshipped false deities? Such people are in a worse situation and further from the right way."
    (Surah Maida 5:60) In this situation, the web of flawed logic that we have been considering throughout this book produces the unrealistic conclusion that the verse contains not only an evolutionary link between human beings and apes, but also between human beings and pigs! Not even the evolutionists claim that there is such a link between humans and pigs.


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