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Surah Al Baqarah (2:115) – Allah is in all directions

وَلِلّهِ الْمَشْرِقُ وَالْمَغْرِبُ فَأَيْنَمَا تُوَلُّواْ فَثَمَّ وَجْهُ اللّهِ إِنَّ اللّهَ وَاسِعٌ عَلِيمٌ


And Allah's is the East and the West, therefore, whither you turn, thither is Allah's purpose; surely Allah is Ample giving, Knowing

M Shakir's Quran Translation

To Allah belong the east and the West: Whithersoever ye turn, there is the presence of Allah. For Allah is all-Pervading, all-Knowing.

Yusuf Ali's Quran Translation


The context of the Ayat

This Ayat is referring to the change of 'Qiblah'(direction). Previously Muslims used to face the Bait ul Muqaddas as their 'Qiblah', but now Muslims are being prepared for a change in their 'Qiblah'. At the same time Muslims are being told that 'Qiblah' is nothing more than a direction. You are not worshipping the 'Qibla' but you are worshipping your lord who needs no direction. It is for your unity that these directions are prescribed. There is a Hadith in Jami' Tirmidhi which informs us of the context of this Ayat.

Sayyidna Abdullah ibn Aamir ibn Rabi'ah reported from his father that he said, "We were travelling with the Prophet (SAW) on a dark night and did not know the direction of the qiblah. So everyone prayed in the direction opposite him. In the morning, we mentioned that to the Prophet (SAW) and the verse was revealed (so where so ever you turn, there is Allah's countenance).

(Jami' Tirmidhi Hadith 345, Sunan Ibn e Majah 1020)


ALLAH is unimaginable

We humans only perceive things with our five senses only. There are some things which we can never understand. These things are of some other dimensions. In fact we only understand the language (or feelings) of our own senses. We can never prove the existence of the 'external world' even. We can only say that ' I see the ground'. I can never prove the ground actually exists. I don't see the ground existing outwards. I see the picture of the ground at the back of my eye that the brain perceives as electrical signals and translates. Such are the limitations of the things we perceive. We can't hear the sounds below 20 Hz or above 20,000 Hz. That doesn't mean they don't exist they do. Silent whistles are common in European countries used to call dogs. They might be silent for us but dogs do hear them. In a nutshell we can easily say that we can't perceive everything. There are limitations. Modern science is still silent on the reality of dreams and even the spirit within our body. Modern science cannot even define Death and Life biologically until now. Similarly We Muslims believe that ALLAH is something beyond our imagination.

Like ALLAH states quite clearly in Surah Rum Verse no 7

They know the outward of this world's life, but of the hereafter they are absolutely heedless

(Surah Rum 30:7)

Clearly indicating our 'handicapped' imagination that knows: only the outward of this world's life

There is nothing like ALLAH. We often tend to compare things to introduce something or explain some point to someone. Like if someone has never been to Holy Mosque in Makkah. We will explain him how the pillars are. What shape the Kaaba is. What sort of lights are there. If someone does not know what are pillars. Doesn't understand the shape which you told him of which Kaaba is. It won't be possible for him to actually imagine what actually the Holy Mosque looks like.

So similarly ALLAH is something unexplainable, un imaginable. We can only get a dim picture in our mind of the bounties and powers of ALLAH. We humans have so many things to think about, so things to care of, so things for which we are tensed therefore its hard for us to imagine someone free from all sorts of tensions. He, who does what he wills, who is there from the time immortal and will live forever.

We cannot compare ALLAH to any thing. We can't say ALLAH has million times more power then George Bush. Imagine ALLAH is the creator of George Bush; ALLAH can kill George Bush whenever he wants. So ALLAH is infinite, undefined, unimaginable times stronger then George Bush.


ALLAH in the east and the west

The ayat here refers to the signs of ALLAH. See the immense universe around you: The bright stars, the blazing sun, the unimaginable galaxies. Just to imagine the expanse of the Universe think of the fact that even for light to travel from one corner of the universe (only known) to the other corner of the universe 30 billion years are required (means the distance is 30 billion light years) whereas the age of the universe is only 13.7 billion years. When not even a single drop can come to existence by itself; is it possible that the whole universe came into existence by itself. These are the east and the west that the Ayat is referring to that see the immense structures, immense distances around you. Do not you the signs of a creator in it. When we see an artwork of an artist, we immediately think of the artist who made it. We can never even think that it came to existence by itself. Similarly, ALLAH invites us to ponder over the minute and gigantic objects spread throughout the universe and think could have they come to existence on their own. Is it possible that the great symmetry developed on its own? The calculated amounts and the precise motions took place by chance.

ALLAH is there wherever we turn. But we need to reach the truth. We need to think and ponder. And we need not go that far. Like Kant said "The starry heavens above and the moral law within". Even our own body would be enough to prove us the existence of GOD.

Harun Yahya mentions in book "If a person spends his whole life in one room that would be enough for him to prove that there is some divine activity behind it"

Maulana Maududi says in his commentary on this ayat, "Means ALLAH neither belongs to the east nor to the west. He is the Lord of All directions and all locations but HE himself is not enclosed in any special location"

In addition, the word translated as Presence is وَجْهُ literally meaning face, which also indicates this is only related to directions. One important point to be mentioned here is that it is unimaginable for us to think of the domains of ALLAH, the powers of ALLAH similarly we can not think of the existence of ALLAH. There are some ahadith which refer to Face of ALLAH and Hands of ALLAH but its unimaginable for us to think how they look like and also we are never sure whether they are only symbols like face referring to direction and hands referring to power or are these the actual words.


Is ALLAH kinetic Energy?

It is a common belief prevalent amongst most of the people that ALLAH exists everywhere. That is not quite right to say. ALLAH has knowledge of all things. ALLAH is looking at everything but ALLAH resides on the عرشas is verified from the Qur'an it self.

الرَّحْمَنُ عَلَى الْعَرْشِ اسْتَوَى

The Beneficent One, Who is established on the Throne
(Surah Taha 20:5)

This common misbelieve that ALLAH is everywhere has caused some of the people to think that ALLAH is kinetic energy. This statement has no truth whatsoever in it. As clear from the Qur'anic verses that ALLAH does justice, holds all the things, and created all the things.

  • First, the statement on which the people say that ALLAH is kinetic energy is a false statement i.e. ALLAH is everywhere
  • Secondly, is kinetic energy present everywhere?
  • Thirdly, Qur'an says ALLAH has power over all things. Does kinetic energy has power over all things. Does kinetic energy have any relation with what we think?
  • Does Kinetic Energy do justice?

Briefly, it's a matter of deep ignorance to think that kinetic energy is our Lord.

The obvious existence of GOD

From the moment man opens his eyes to this world a great order surrounds him. He needs oxygen to survive. It is interesting that the atmosphere of the planet on which he lives provides more than just the adequate amount of oxygen he needs. This way, he breathes without difficulty. For the existence of life on this planet, the existence of a source of heat is essential. In response to this need, the sun is located just at the right distance to emit just the exact amount of heat and energy man needs. Man needs nourishment to survive. Every corner of the world abounds in astonishingly diversified provisions. Likewise, man needs water. Surprisingly, three-fourths of the planet is covered with water. Man needs shelter, and in this world, there is land on which it is suitable to build and all sorts of materials to make shelters.

These are only a few among billions of details making life possible on earth. In brief, man lives on a planet perfectly designed for his survival. This is certainly a planet "created for human beings".

A person's interpretation of the world rests on "acquired methods of thought." That is, he thinks in the way he has been taught, or, less kindly, the way in which he is indoctrinated. Under this misguidance, he often dismisses all the aforementioned as "trivial realities." However, if he does not side-step the matter, and start questioning the conditions making our existence possible, he will surely step out of the boundaries of habitual thinking and start to think:

How does the atmosphere serve as a protective ceiling for the earth?

How does each one of the billions of cells in the human body know and perform its individual tasks?

How does this extraordinary ecological balance exist on earth?

A person seeking answers to these questions surely proceeds on the right path. He does not remain insensitive to things happening around him, and doesn't plead ignorance about the extraordinary nature of the world. A person who asks questions, who reflects on and gives answers to these questions will realize that on every inch of the planet, a plan and an order reigns:

How did the flawless order in the whole universe come into being?

Who provided the delicate balances in the world?

How did living beings, incredibly diversified in nature, emerge?

Keeping oneself occupied with relentless research to answer these questions results in a clear awareness that everything in the universe, its order, each living being and structure is a component of a plan, a product of design. Every detail, the excellent structure of an insect's wing, the system enabling a tree to carry tons of water to its topmost branches, the order of planets, and the ratio of gases in the atmosphere, are all unique examples of perfection.

In every detail of the infinitely varied world, man finds his Creator. God, the owner of everything in the whole universe, introduces Himself to man through the flawless design of His creation. Everything surrounding us, the birds in flight, our beating hearts, the birth of a child or the existence of the sun in the sky, manifest the power of God and His creation. And what man must do is to understand this fact.

These purposes owe their existence to the fact that everything has been created. An intelligent person notices that plan, design and wisdom exist in every detail of the infinitely varied world. This draws him to recognition of the Creator.

The existence of God is OBVIOUS. Ignoring it would only be the beginning of the greatest damage we could ever do to ourselves. That is simply because God is in no need of anything. He is the One Who shows His greatness in all things and in all ways. God is the owner of everything, from the heavens to the earth. We learn the attributes of God from the Qur'an:

God! There is no god but Him, the Living, the Self-Sustaining. He is not subject to drowsiness or sleep. Everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. Who can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them but they cannot grasp any of His knowledge save what He wills. His Footstool encompasses the heavens and the earth and their preservation does not tire Him. He is the Most High, the Magnificent.

(Surah al-Baqarah: 255)

(An article by Harun Yahya: Obvious existence of GOD)


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He started this universe's creation by Kun ! So a kind of sound behind Big Bang. He is many kind Creator. Thus He creates and recreates. And He establishes processes of zCreations. A big bang can go on for billions of years and His creations are stupendous and spectacular. This is a single 'KUN'. Imagine the creator of "KUN". Continuously creating. The idea that He is Seated Somewhere on a Seat and is somehow can not at the same time be everywhere in His creation, reminds me of the Christian God who cannot forgive the sinners but his forgiveness is limited, he needs to sacrifice his begotten son to do it. I assume An Omnipotent God can forgive without needing anything from anybody to do it. In the same vein the true God's saying that He encompasses and surrounds all ( Surah Al Baqarah) gives understanding to His presence beyond human limited comprehension.

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