Friday, August 28, 2009

Surah Al An’aam (Surah # 6) – Index

Ayat 1

Electromagnetic Spectrum and Visible Light

Creating Darkness

Using the word Darkness in Plural form

Ayat 2

Creation from Clay

Ayat 14

Creation from Nothing

Ayat 38

Societies amongst Animals and Bids

Social Life of Honey Bees

Social Life of Ants

Ayat no 60

Sleep a Virtual Experience by Soul

Sleep, a metaphor of death

Ayat 73

Scientific Evidence on Oneness of Allah

Ayat 95

Food Cycle

Splitting of the Seed and the Grain

Its miracles will never cease

Ayat 96

Spherical Shape of the Earth

Night 'designed' for rest


Reduced Photosynthesis and perspiration in plants

Reduced Movement even at the molecular level

Ayat 97

Stars, a Sign of Allah

North Star, a Natural Compass

Ayat 98

Creation from a Single being

Resting Place and a Depository

Ayat 99

The green factory in plants

Ayat 101

Originator of the Heavens and the Earth

Ayat 125

High Altitude Pressure

Stress, a result of not following religion

Ayat 141

Trees, a sign of Allah

Ayat 145

List of Forbidden Things

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Ayat 96>
U mention so many things in ur Blog like melatonin-how do u derive it?

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