Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Assalam o Alaikum
( Peace be on You)

This blog is based on my under process book. I plan to collect all the Ayaats of the Holy Quran with deal with scientific, historical and archaeological subjects. I am trying to provide explanation to those Ayaats in light of Previous commentaries (Tafaseer), established science, archaeological discoveries and Arabic lexicons.

Please do not copy-paste the material on the blog until my book is published insha'Allah. You are most welcome to send me your comments and suggestions. Do inform me if I've missed out some Ayat, or if I've gone wrong somewhere.

The project also includes those Ayaats that are brought up by non-muslims as unscientific, illogical or inhuman. It is intended to provide easily understandable, logical explanation to those Ayaats.
To participate in the project, just see the list below and see which of the work you can do efficiently and inform me. JazakAllah (May Allah give you reward for it).
  1. Proof Reading : I want someone to read what I've written already on the subject. The person should check for grammatical errors, plus he should inform me if some portion requires elaboration or if some portion seems unscientific.
  2. Listing the Ayaats: I've made a detailed excel file, containing the numbers of all the Ayaats that deal with science, archaeology and history. We can never discover the marvels of science completely. If someone could recheck the list for me, and tell me the Ayaats that I've missed out, that would be a big favour.
  3. I have done very little as regards the Ayaats brought up by non muslims as illogical and inhuman. If someone could make an index of those Ayaats, that would be really helpful.
  4. If anyone can find some botanist, medical specialist, geologist etc to recheck what I've written on those subjects, It'll make my work more authentic.
  5. I've tried to consult tafaseer (commentaries) wherever possible, but I feel I need to include more excerpts form tafaseer. I am looking for someone good in Arabic language to help me out in that. Tafseer e Qurtabi and Tafseer e Tabari are a great asset for us on the subject but unfortunately they haven't been translated yet, so I am having difficulty in availing them fully.
  6. There is great wisdom in Quranic orders related to economy. I have difficulty in explaining the economics related things.
  7. These days people hardly 'read' articles, but people do go through well bulleted and formatted presentations. I need someone to make presentations based on the posts of this blog.
  8. Spreading this blog on social networking sites and emails.
If you can help me out in any way please do contact. I am looking for corrections and suggestions from your side. A single person can never work on this never ending project. We need specialists from all fields, to sit down and ponder over the Quranic Ayaats, and educate the masses of its marvels.

If you wish to contribute financially, look for the donate button on the right.

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MUSA said...

good AWAIS

keep it up

Anonymous said...


I am available...if u think that i may be useful in any aspect, feel free to ask

Awais ur Rehman

islamicworld said...

MASHALLAH bro.keep it up.i 'll try to spread this blog through my one
Muhammad Abdul Ahad

rabia said...

i wish all of start thinking like you.

Shahana.S said...

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatulluahi wabakatuhu

Dear brother,
MashahAllah You are doing a great work.
May Allah Guide you.
I am willing to join your project.
InshahAllah i can do 1,2,3,7,8 works.
Jazakhallah khair


sana said...


MashaAllah.. this is the work of selected&chosen people -the work of Malayaka, keep moving with strong detemination little by little,Allah will send the helpers -- u need 2 offer 2 rakat supplicate each day for ur project.....inshaAllah
may Allah subhanavatala guide u.
i have noted each of the verse in a note book
i will be looking at the meaning in due course.
sana khan

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Unknown said...

aslam alikum wa rahmat uallah i wa barakatu
hey you know this blog really helped me in my researches , thanks

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Norazihan said...

Found your blog when searching for the creation of the universe and the big bang. MAshaAllah the universe was ceated from nothing, it is expanding and will be folded in due time.

Muhammad Akhter said...

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Muhammad Akhter said...

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Unknown said...

thanks for sharing

ambreen malik said...

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ambreen malik said...

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ambreen malik said...

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Zain Adnan said...

Assalam u alikum,
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Hassan Naseer said...

Your project seems much stronger and I really appreciate your work.

Unknown said...

I really like the article in this block is short but interesting to understand.

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Amir said...

DO you know about Ism e Azam. If not then you don't know the meaning of your life.

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