Thursday, August 27, 2009

Surah Al Maida (Surah # 5) - Index

Ayat 1

Non Vegetarian food permitted to Muslims

You are what you eat

Who is a non Vegetarian

Killing a Living Creature

Set of teeth in a human body

Ayat 3

List of Forbidden things

Ayat 4

Islamic Dietary System

Ayat 6

Medical Benefits of Wudu

Ablution before going to sleep

Biological Active Spots (idea behind Chinese reflex therapy)

Other Benefits of Wudu

Medical Philosophy behind 'Ghusl'

Ayat 17

Interstellar Space

Ayat 64

Author of Quran has full knowledge of the Bible

Ayat 87

Prohibiting what is Lawful

Ayat 90

Prohibition of Alcohol

Ayat 96

Fish: A Valuable Nutrition

Benefits of Omega 3 in Fish Oil


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