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Surah Al Fatiha (1:1) – Lord of the Worlds



الْحَمْدُ للّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

M Shakir's Quran Translation

Lord of the Worlds

Modern science has evolved a lot, but at few things it is still silent and surely there would be many secrets of this universe which will never become clear to us. No matter how much knowledge we gather there would be few mysteries that would always remain unsolved, few question will always remain unanswered. Allah explains this handicapped human knowledge in another Ayat, "They know the outward of this world's life, but of the hereafter they are absolutely heedless
(Surah Room 30:7)"[30-7]. One of these unsolved mysteries is the existence of 'aliens'. Is there any life outside the planet earth? Are there living beings outside the Milky Way? Universe is so vast that we can never say with surety that 'I've searched out the universe and I didn't find any aliens'. Many theories are coming up telling us of the 'high' chance of existence of planets outside the Milky Way with the 'identical' climatic and atmospheric conditions like our 'mother' planet.

Max Tugmark has delved into the theories of physics which are concerned with the parallel universes which are classified into four levels that can allow continuous variations. Following are the levels of the parallel universes:

The fist level:

worlds that are governed by the same physics and the constants of our world physics yet the development of its material might be different

The second level:

of different physics constants and time dimensions from that we have in our universe.

The third level:

every quantum may lead various copies.

The fourth level:

has it own different laws of physics.

In this Ayat the word
عَالَمِينَ is of great importance. We find various different explanations of this word but its marvels will never become totally evident to us. Most of the scholars say that by saying ,"Lord of the Worlds", Allah means the "Lord of the Worlds of all Living Beings"; like the World of Animals, World of Fishes, World of Angels, World of Spirits etc. عَالَمِينَ is the plural of the word عالَم which means a thing from which knowledge of something is learnt. As the knowledge of God is learnt through the universe hence the universe is called عالم . عالم can also refer to an age (era), it has been used in this meaning in the Holy Quran in Surah Al Baqarah 2:47.

Another explanation given of the word 'Worlds' is that perhaps it is pointing to the existing of other worlds identical to ours with the existence of life. There are other Ayaats of the Holy Quran which clearly indicate the existence of life outside the planet earth and the word used is such that we cannot relate it to angels. There are many scholars who have proved the existence of 'Aliens' from those Ayaats.

And one of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and what He has spread forth in 'both of them' of living beings; and when He pleases He is all-powerful to gather them together
(Surah Shura 42:29)

Alien-threat might be used by the secret societies who control the world as a fake threat, forcing the world to unite under the umbrella of new world order. No wonder Ronald Reagan in his speech once said, " I am amazed, how dramatically the world would change if we were facing an alien threat from outside". People who have worked for the secret societies in the past, now admit that they planned to use alien and meteor threats in the future, for which they are preparing the masses through movies, cartoons which frequently show aliens. There is a long list of Hollywood movies on aliens and meteors. When we talk of aliens, we talk of them as a Sign of God, and not as armed warriors, secretly planning to take over the world. That is only a part of fiction and it should remain fiction. What we prove from Quran is that there might be some extra-terrestrial life of some sort (not necessarily like ours) outside the earth.

Aliens are extra-terrestrial beings, not extra dimensional. The word عالمين might also be referring to those extra-dimensional worlds. Jinns are a species of another dimension, angels have their own dimension, and our dimension is different and Allah is the creator of all these dimension and he alone controls and comprehends all dimension fully. We, bound in our own dimension can never fully understand species of other dimensions.

Another important question that remains is that whether we'll ever be able to discover life in other parts of the universe or not, a life in a dimension comprehendible for us. For the details of that see : Surah Fussilat 41:53.

In short Allah is the lord of all times, all worlds, all discovered and undiscovered species, beings of all dimensions, all living and non living things etc.

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Surah Shura 42:29, Surah Talaq 65:12, Surah Fussilat 41:53



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Awais said...

As i have started my job, so i will always be up with some queries and critical reviews.

First of all i would like to know that why u chose to explain about ALIENS only...cuz this ayah is very vast, u shud mention some good reasons for ur choice.

Secondly, one very important thing is proper referencing, this also adds to the authenticity of what u have written and is also morally necessary. for eg, u mentioned about Max Tugmark and also about some speech of Ronald Reagen, so u must put up the references for that, afterall u r authoring a book...

thirdly, whenever u mention somebody's name, just give a very brief intro of him. For eg, Max Tugmark, an astronaut from NASA,(i dunno if he really is, its just an eg)

So...I posted it here cuz this blog is supposed to be an open forum about this project. If u want that i mail these things to u and not post them here, do tell me.

Awais ur Rehman

Muhammad Awais Tahir said...

Sure, Critics are welcome, and no problem you can post it in comments but let if be brief and precise. When you intend to discuss something in detail it can be sent via email.

1) My book deals with subjects related to history, archaeology and science. For this very reason, I've diverted the discussion to the topic of aliens rather than discuss in detail the spiritual and extra dimensional aspects of it. But I have given hint to them as well. For their explanation one can refer to any commentary.

2) Yes, pretty important point. But as I've mentioned too many people (qualified) in my book. I just need to give a slight introduction of them. Max tugmark is actually a cosmologist and a professor at MIT. I should have mentioned that and yes now I've noted it down and will include that in my book. Its pretty good to introduce the person whom you are taking as a person of authority.

Ronald Reagan is an ex US president. I'll mention that too.

3) An important thing that I've learnt is that one has to balance between 'references'. Few things are pretty general and they don't require references. Sometimes the references are useless. For example for the Prophetic Narrations, I've not included the hadith #. Because, its pointless to include it when all publishers have different numberings. Also, putting references as footnotes is not a good approach. This disturbs the continuity of the article. Wherever possible we'll try to include the references directly as a part of the sentence, rather than putting them in brackets at the end or as footnotes, because both disturb fluency.

Awais said...

Dont feel offended, but i want to be very clear.

Alien concept is just a theory, like Darwin's, there is no solid proof of that. Furthermore, i think, we should mention the established facts only. My opinion is that we should not correlate this ayah with Aliens, cuz there is no evidence of that, doesnt matter how many scholars say that aliens exist. We dont have knowledge of that. Even in Surah Shura 42:29, we can say that other than humans, Allah is talking of Angels and jinns, as well as martyrs who are not dead, We can say a lot about it.
Even if someone uses it as fake threats, they dont have proof of it, this is sort of unscientific. U can discuss this with your other friends as well.

Your point is correct about references. what we can do is that not put them in footnotes, but put them at the end of the book so that those who are interested in further reading, can proceed from there. And also i am not talking of the refernces for everything but the main points.
like the parallel universe theories of Max tugmark etc.

Muhammad Awais Tahir said...

1- No where have used this Ayat to say that Aliens exist explicitly. What I've said that Quran gives hints to extra terrestrial life at many places. And as this Ayat also is one of them. So, it wouldn't be right if I leave this out.

2- You need to go through Mawdudi's tafseer of 65:12. You'll even find weak Prophetic narrations speaking of it. And many commentators of the past have given hints to life outside this world and also extra terrestrial life.

3- Extra terrestrial life does not mean 'well established human life' like ours. Any physical life found on any other planet (out of the billions) will be termed as extra terrestrial.

4- People of US and Europe are very much into aliens and stuff. Haven't you seen documentaries on National Geographic and Discovery Channels. Haven't you gone through thousands of 'documented' claims of UFO sightings. Haven't you gone through the stories of UFO sightings at Bermuda triangle ?

5- Lots of efforts are going on to find water outside planet earth. The existence of water adds to the probability of life outside this world. Even today I read that indians have discovered proof of water on the moon.

6- Having said all that. No where have I explicitly said still that Aliens do exist. But its my duty to mention all possible aspects of an Ayat. When I go to Surah Al Talaq and Surah Al Shura, the thing will become more clear. This Ayat is a pretty general one, those Ayat particularly deal with 'life' and 'living beings'.

7- There is a huge difference in saying that 'Quran mentioned aliens 1400 years ago and now we have found proofs from them' and just mentioning it for the sake of knowledge.

8- No one can say that Quran goes against so and so 'theory' as theories are not confirmed, but one can surely say 'this is a theory in the present scientific world and Quran says the same'.

Muhammad Awais Tahir said...

Your comment on Surah Al Shura 42:29 is not correct. You'll come to know of it when I discuss the Ayat directly from the lexicons.

Awais said...

Well explained, now i am pretty much clear.

OK, should i proceed with my work on this ayah or should i wait for the little additions which u promised, regarding the introductions and other stuff..

Muhammad Awais Tahir said...

You should subscribe the comments so that you are immediately informed when there is some addition in the comments...

Awais said...

as long as u r being informed quickly and u reply to my queries and suggestions quickly...i am ok like it.

my last comment not answered yet....:)

Muhammad Awais Tahir said...

Well, you should proceed on with the work ofcourse..I will inform you when I update this one...In sha Allah...

Anonymous said...

Assalam Aliakum,

Let me bring an update of the scientific journal which goes a long way in merely supplementing our understanding of the mention of extra life forms in the Quran word of Almighty Allah which is indeed the ultimate yardstick. The subject of this Scientific Journal release dated 01/02/2010;
Are we alone? We may soon find out.

Rapid technological leaps forward in the last 10 years mean mankind is closer than ever before to knowing whether extra-terrestrial life exists in our galaxy, one of Britain's leading scientists said on Tuesday.
Astronomer and President of the Royal Society (academy of science) Martin Rees said science had made enormous progress in the search for planets grouped around other distant stars - a discipline he stressed did not exist in the 1990s.

"Now we know that most of the stars, like the sun, are likely to have planetary systems around them and we have every reason to suspect that many of them have planets that are rather like our earth," Rees told Reuters in an interview.

He said great strides in space search techniques over the last decade had removed one of the big obstacles in finding other worlds, and possibly even complex life forms, in our Milky Way galaxy of 100 million stars.
"Indeed, we live in very exciting times," he said.
And judging by the 250 eminent scientific minds who gathered in London to attend a Royal Society conference on the "The detection of extra-terrestrial life," he is not the only enthusiast.

The meeting, which ended on Tuesday, is the first in the Royal Society's 350-year history to discuss alien life forms.

Hugely significant projects like the launch last spring of NASA's Kepler spacecraft, a space observatory designed to find earth-like planets in the cosmos, as well as the use of more advanced satellites have brought us closer to solving one of the universe's greatest mysteries, Rees said.

"Kepler is the first one capable of detecting substantial numbers of planets no bigger than the earth. So we will know within two or three years which are earth-like and in earth-like orbits in the sense of being the right distance from their parent star."
Rees, who is professor of cosmology and astrophysics at Cambridge University and holds the honorary title of Astronomer Royal, also believes mankind is on the cusp of unlocking one of life's greatest mysteries.

"I'm certainly pretty confident biologists will understand the origin of life on earth this century. I suspect in 20 years we will have much clearer ideas of how life began," he said.

"And that is going to be very important to answering how likely it is to have started elsewhere and where to look."

He added: "If we understood how life began on earth, that would give us a clue to how likely it was to originate elsewhere and what the optimum environments were."
Those expecting the exotic aliens of sci-fi films should extra-terrestrials be discovered will be disappointed, however.

Many top minds say extra-terrestrial life may be totally beyond our sensory abilities and comprehension.

"Even those who believe complex life is widespread, aren't especially optimistic about current searches getting positive results," Rees said.

"There may be advanced life of a kind we can't conceive, a kind that doesn't reveal itself by electromagnetic radiation - a kind that isn't communicating at all."

Muhammad Awais Tahir said...

JazakAllah bro :)...

Anonymous said...

Aalameen here means nations, and not much more. It's the same way as Mary is chosen over the women of the Aalameen. Surely God didn't chose one female prophet across all the planets.

Muhammad Awais Tahir said...

Point # 1 :
The word 'Aalameen' has so many meanings. If it has been used in one particular meaning in the Holy Quran that does not mean that wherever it is repeated in the Holy Quran it has the same meaning.

Point # 2 :
There are many words in the Holy Quran which have been used in different meanings at different places.

Point # 3 :
Even in the example you gave it is not necessary that it means 'Nations'.

Point # 4:
Different use of the word Aalameen at different places :

i-They said: "Did we not forbid thee (to speak) for all and sundry?" (Surah Al Hijr, Ayat # 70)

ii-And (remember) her who guarded her chastity: We breathed into her of Our spirit, and We made her and her son a sign for all peoples. (Surah Al Anbiya, Ayat # 90)

iii-"Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, (Surah As Sh'uara , Ayat # 165)

Ambassador Syed said...

In Space Time dimension, Rab means that after Creation, Allah has not left every being to its own devices, but He is constantly looking after it, moment to moment, state by stage-Kullo Youm Huwa fi Shan-Sura Rahman. He is cherishing, evolving, providing, fulfilling its needs-from birth to death, in this world and in the Hereafter.

Rububiat starts even before birth, nay from the time of conception in the womb of mother, grand mother and so on, back to Eve.

And all this is written in the Tablet, call it Destiny, Genome wherein is engraved all diseases every being will suffer from.

Quran says it is written where one will be born, grow up and die.

And why all this phenomenon.? For, Allah is the most Benevolent and Merciful i.e., Rahman in this world- to Muslims and non-Muslims alike,indeed to all beings and non beings-fi Dunya.
And Rahim in Hereafter- fil Akhira -to Muslims and Believers.

Marvel of Rububiat:

At birth, the newly- born instinctively sucks milk with varying density, suited to its digestion- created in the mother's breast- for a fixed period ,then in case of humans suckling is followed by tinned food and then regular meals.

And then the mothers trains the infant from the stage of toddler to walking till age 5 when he goes to school, college and university-the longest period of dependence-gets a job gets, married and procreates.

When parents get old, the siblings return the favors to parents by looking after them. Thus the sage of Rububiat continues.

Space and Time Dimension:

Spatial Dimension:

Alameen signifies the Worlds, Galaxies, Universes, Multi verse in Space- from one end to the other in Space-
Length, Breadth and Height-3 dimensions.

That is not all. Alameen has the 4th dimension-Time also.

Thus.according to the Physicists, our Universe started from the Big Bang when our Time started. From the beginning of Time, Alameen is being looked after by Allah in HIs Infinite Benevolence and Mercy.


Anonymous said...


is this really that important?

Prof. Dr. M. Basheer Ahmed Khan said...

Brother Tahir's explanation is correct and the additional information given by Ambassador Syed is embellishing. "Alameen" refers to these. For Allah swt, creation is "Kun" fa Yakun. Allah is the master of will for Kun which is the Big Bang.
Basheer Ahmed

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Yasser Bhatti said...

Allah SWT says in Surah 65, Aya 12: "It is Allah Who has created seven heavens and of the earth the like thereof (i.e. seven)." (Translation by Muhsin Khan)
I think we can relate this to ayat here, "They know the outward of this world's life, but of the hereafter they are absolutely heedless (Surah Room 30:7)"[30-7]. We know in the outward of this world's life, that we have seven other (earth the like thereof) planets in our solar system: 1 Mercury 2 Venus 3 Mars 4 Jupiter 5 Saturn 6 Uranus 7 Neptune. BUT it can also mean that there are 7 Earths out there of which we are not aware of.

Anonymous said...

Praise Allah and His messenger (s.a.w.s.) rather than thinking of aliens...!!!


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